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We are a fresh and modern approach to your SEO needs

Everything in the digital space starts with a search and ends with a result. SEO helps to complete this journey from search to result. With us from Touch Tech Software, your business will become a brand in the digital space.

Moreover, with us, you will get an alleviated experience. Your business will:

  • Interact with more potential leads.
  • Become visible to a larger set of clients.
  • Cater your services to a larger set of audiences.
  • Get increased organic traffic on your website.

Moreover, you have come to the right place if you wish to have a successful business. Furthermore, we have catered our services to a plethora of businesses. We have made them successful with our commitment and diligence.

Let us push the boundaries together and give your business the growth it deserves

Market your business and make it discoverable with our SEO strategy

We are one of the leading SEO companies globally. Touch Tech Software believes in a user-centric approach. We ensure to build a strategy by understanding your business. It is our belief that a business needs more than just SERP to prosper. With our SEO experts extending their expertise, we have catered to many clients. Here are some clients that we have helped recently:

Our digital marketing strategy delivers better visibility and traffic for your online business. The ability to craft customized campaigns for your brand helps us to be at the top of our game. We are a leading SEO company in the market, delivering the best results to our clientele. We ensure to create a killer digital strategy that will bring organic leads to your website. Touch Tech Softwarewill do it all.

Leverage the power of SEO to benefit your business

We at Touch Tech Softwarework to make your SEO dream a reality. We dive into the world of SEO to open the doors of opportunities for your business. With our marketing strategies, we create awesome campaigns for your business.

Custom SEO services to cater to all your needs.

Our SEO Services


Keyword Research and Strategy

We have a meticulous keyword research strategy that serves as the core of our SEO. With proper keyword research, we drive valuable traffic towards your website. Moreover, we also perform COMPETITOR ANALYSIS, KEYWORD MAPPING, and ADVANCED RANK TRACKING. We will also deliver benchmark reports with existing keyword rankings to maintain transparency. With our ROI-driven strategy, your website will have a better ranking and better leads.


Link Building

Link building attracts humans rather than bots to your website.A website with more backlinks gets high rankings on SERP.This is because Google considers it relevant. Link building is also important to establish domain authority. With us, you will get not onlya good number of backlinks but also quality backlinks.

Web Development

Technical SEO

With the help of technical SEO, we rank your website higher. The search engine is able to access your website easily. With search engines crawling your website, half of the task is done. We provide mobile responsiveness, load speed, and other details in technical SEO. We ensure that search engine bots can crawl your website easily with our services.


Local SEO

Local SEO is a boon for small businesses. Small businesses are always looking to attract customers from nearby places. With local SEO, businesses rank higher in the local search results. The search engine provides local listings of businesses with local SEO strategy optimized. Engage with your local customers, with the best local SEO strategy by Touch Tech Software.


On-Page SEO

Your website will rank way higher than before with our On-Page SEO services. We will optimize different factors of your webpage such as Alt Tags, URL structure, Meta description, and others. This optimization will improve your ranking.This will also allow the search bot to crawl your website. This technique also improves user-friendliness, improving user engagement.

Web Development

Off-Page SEO

We increase the domain authority of your website with Off-Page SEO. With Off-Page SEO, the semantic meaning of your website is understood by the search engine. This helps your business to rank higher and gain better engagement. We achieve this by using social networking, blogs, online communities, and other spaces.


Franchise SEO

We improve the visibility of your website in the search results with franchise SEO. Franchise SEO depends upon various factors.These factors include the location of your franchise, increasing brand awareness, and others. We integrate multiple platforms to ensure that your franchise's marketing is done correctly.


Shopify SEO

Boost your eCommerce store with some unique adjustments with Shopify SEO. With some unique adjustments as redirection and blogs, we can enhance the visibility of your Shopify store.

Web Development

Amazon SEO

If you sell products over Amazon, we will help you optimize its listing. We understand Amazon's ranking algorithm and optimize your product details based on it. We will optimize keywords product title, add quality images, etc., to achieve the results.


Content Writing

We have a bunch of awesome content writers who are creative and unique in their approach. We write plagiarism-free content that is grammatically sound. Every piece of content written by us is SEO optimized to ensure that your website ranks higher in the search results.


Conversion Rate Optimization

If your website cannot convert the traffic coming on your website into potential customers, then there is something wrong. We are here to improve upon it. We will increase the percentage of conversion on your website or mobile application. With the help of customer insights, we will achieve the desired results.

Web Development

eCommerce SEO

With the help of eCommerce SEO, your online store and the products on the marketplace will be optimized. This optimization will make them more visible to the audience. Therefore, there would be a higher engagement and,ultimately, better sales.

Our numbers speak for us

We are undoubtedly one of the best SEO service providers globally. Touch Tech Software has catered to clients around the globe, giving some of the best results. We have helped a plethora of clients to rank their websites higher and increase traffic. Here are some numbers that speak of our services

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Clients served
Website traffic generated
589 +
Leads generated

Why choose Touch Tech Software for your SEO need?

We believe in excellence at every step



We are a result-oriented company that values your business. Unlike others, we understand that every business has its unique requirement, and we work to fulfill them. We generate highvalue in your business and ensure that your business grows by manyfolds.


Cutting-edge technology

If you want your business to rank higher, using advanced technology is a must. We use all the updated tools and techniques to improve your SEO. We use some of the most cutting-edge tools from Google Analytics, UberSuggest, and more. Our team of experts always uses the latest top-tier techniques to give you an upperhand over your competition.

Web Development

Experience that matters

We have decades of experience in the digital space. Our SEO experts are experienced and trained individuals who have worked on thousands of projects. We have delivered satisfactory results every time to our customers. We ensure that projects are delivered on time, and your business gets the best out of them.


Transparent in our approach

Being your SEO service provider, we have delivered exceptional services at every step. Touch Tech Softwarehas delivered the best results with 100% transparency. We will be informing you about every change made to your website. We will also report and analyze your website and share it with you. The report will provide you with insights into our work and assurance. Moreover, it would also help to formulate a business strategy.


Exclusivity for Uniqueness

If you want your business to rank higher, using advanced technology is a must. We use all the updated tools and techniques to improve your SEO. We use some of the most cutting-edge tools from Google Analytics, UberSuggest, and more. Our team of experts always uses the latest top-tier techniques to give you an upperhand over your competition.

Web Development

Industry Experts

We have a team of industry experts who have decades of experience in SEO. Our team has catered to small and big businesses alike, ensuring the best results. Moreover, our team will always be ready to solve your business queries and assist you. Our team will also drive organic traffic towards your website.

SEO services from Touch Tech Software to give a boost to your business

SEO has become a deal-breaker in today’s world. With proper SEO, businesses can rank high and get more leads.People will search for products and servicesbefore buying them. Moreover, your online presence brings more customers. This is where SEO plays a vital role. We at Touch Tech Software provide white hat SEO techniques, such as,

  • We perform keyword analysis to see what keywords should be targeted for your website.
  • Our unique and engaging content ensures customer retention and lead conversion
  • We provide custom SEO strategy to our clientele, as every business has unique needs.
  • We deliver quality backlinks to your website, ensuring real people are visiting it.
  • Performing competitor research to see what your competition is doing.
  • Our experts direct organic traffic towards your website.
  • We perform all the steps of onsite SEO to ensure your website is ranking high.
  • We create targeted campaigns for your website to get better results.

Get closer to success with our tried and tested methodology

We will help you gain the best results with our agile methodology

We work as per our tried and tested methodology. By being part of the industry for many decades, we have understood what search engines demand. We know how to rank you higher and what steps are required to do so.

Our SEO experts will ensure that your website is getting looked after properly. We will be transparent in our approach and provide you with every detail. Touch Tech Software believes in a client-centric approach which makes us the best.

Our method allows us to improve upon our strategy and deliver better results. We also keep you in the loop to take your insights. With our customer support always backing us up, we will be taking your queries 24*7.

There are some steps which we carry out while working on your project, these are,


Goal Identification

We start by identifying your digital marketing goals.After which strategize a plan to achieve these goals. Our experts perform this goal identification and customizea strategy for your website. We then perform a site audit to see where your website lacks. This audit provides us with a clear picture of what we must do to rank you higher.


In-depth Report

With the help of performance metrics, we study intricate details of your website. We will then provide this to you to assess how the campaigns worked. We will also formulate plans for a better strategy and improve upon different areas.

Web Development

Off-page Activity

We will now take care of off-page activities such as backlinking and promotions. We will ensure that these factors are bringing traffic to your website. Our experts will create natural backlinks. This will ensure that real people are visiting your website and not bots.


Project Analysis

Before jumping to any action, we analyze the entire project. We will be checking every section and aspect of your website to be thorough. We will then conveyto you the requirements and give you a rough idea about the details. Based on this report, you can customize the SEO package. The customized package will provide you with targeted results.This will also save some extra bucks in the long run.


Strategy Building

Based on the audit or project analysis, we will build an SEO strategy for your project. We will also perform a competitive analysis. This analysis will provide an insight into your competitor's strategy. With their strategy uncovered, your website can perform better. Moreover, we will also get an idea of the competitive scenario of the industry. We will then make out a strategy for your website.

Web Development

Performance Matric

You can monitor the progress of your website regularly with performance metrics. With us, you can know about the tiny details and successful SEO implementation. You can see all the data on your website. This will also keep you informed. It is important to know the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. With performance monitoring, we share our ideology of being transparent.

Our ethics make us the best

We at Touch Tech Software ensure that we provide only the best services to our clientele. We believe in putting our best while serving our clients. With this ideology, we can provide the best services to our clientele without any bias. We believe in providing only the best service for every project.

Why choose SEO for your business?

We prepare, implement and monitor your website to give it a boost

Every business wants to become visible to its target audience. Businesses need to rank high on SERP as everything is getting an online makeover. A high rank on search engines can be achieved only through SEO. With SEO, your business becomes visible to potential clientele. Moreover, SEO is an ongoing process. This means that with SEO, your business will continue to remain on top.

SEO will direct organic traffic towards your website to ensure that you get the best sales. It is also better than other marketing tools. SEO ensures that your business is receiving leads already interested in your business.

Moreover, your business will get brand authority with a refined SEO strategy. Furthermore, it will also have brand awareness and customer loyalty. You will have customer retention and better sales.

We at Touch Tech Software live and breathe SEO. We know the ins and outs of this space and will assist you.

Touch Tech Software will make your business a raging success. With us your services will be noticed, ultimately resulting in better sales.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do I SEO from Touch Tech Software?

You need SEO to improve the rank of your website. Our SEO service improves the visibility of your website. We make your website reachable for people when they search you online. This is also budget-friendly.SEO helps you grow your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

How Long Does It Take To Get On The First Page Of Google?

SEO is a continuous process. This is the reason it takes time before you see the results. We consider many aspects before starting anything. We got a team of experts and strategies. With the help of our team, we provide results in no time, maintaining a safe and natural approach. We ensure up ranking with google within the first three months of our service. Along with this, you will see improvements in traffic and sales. It may take time for worthy results.

What Is The Cost Of Your SEO Services?

We can analyze the cost of your SEO after consultation. It generally depends on the size and scope of the project. Different factors affect the cost of SEO, like keyword competition and difficulty. The cost you pay for this completely depends on the service you want to have from us.

How Will You Communicate theProgress?

We have assigned a team for this purpose. Our team uses different channels to reach out to you in no time. We are very quick and flexible with our communication. We are always available. The medium of communication will be of your choice. You will also get reports about your progress every month.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract. In certain cases, if you are not satisfied with our service, you can just stop using them. But remember one thing it takes six months to see visible results. So, try and be consistent if you want to see your ranking grow. Although, we suggest you go with one year plan. We do not believe in contracts but have faith in us.

What Projects Have You Completed And How Have The Clients Reacted?

We have completed several projects. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our services. You can check our customer review section for further details. We are happy and proud to share SEO results and case studies.

Are You Flexible With Your Client Demands?

Yes, clients’ demand is our topmost priority. Our team is always ready for the conversation. We believe in transparency and understanding what customer wants. We always try to explain the possibilities to our clients,building brand authority.

Do You Outsource Any Of Your Services?

No, we do not outsource any services. We have everything in-house with necessary services like

  • Strategy optimization,
  • Content creation,
  • Development,
  • Web design.

What Makes Your Touch Tech Software Services Different?

We remove the roadblocks you have been facing for a long time with your marketing efforts. We know that marketing can be tough for you and agree with your pain points. This is one of the reasons why we get into the internet marketing business.This has also helped us achieve success within a decade. We allow and help you to do business, giving your best with our marketing efforts.

Can You Help Me With The Local Ranking?

Local SEO is a part of our services. Our team of experts will make a strategy to enlist you in the lists of local businesses. We use several methods to improve the local ranking of our website. Some are long-tail keywords, target keywords, localized content, and many more.