Pay Per Click Marketing 

Pay Per Click Marketing

As the digital space grows, online marketing is taking over the world. All the businesses and startups are trying to bring maximum conversion rates through digital marketing. Some startups get failed just because of not having a proper online marketing strategy.

So you need to make an effort in digital merking to increase your sales. And here, the magic of PPC began(pay per click). Pay per click is a way of digital marketing that can turn your business into a fast-selling company. 

Many problems occur when you start a business, which stops your business from growing fast. So you can grow your business by using PPC marketing. Here we will discuss everything that you need to know about PPC marketing. We will also talk about how its works.

What is PPC Marketing and How its Work?

Some surveys say that 79% of people find paid search marketing useful for their business. Also, some famous businessmen said that they would increase their PPC marketing budget in the upcoming years. This way, they will reach out there ideal customer. People will get to know about their service more with PPC marketing.

According to some sources, in 2017, around 7 million advertisers spent over 10.01 billion in just PPC. Now a question comes to your mind what PPC marketing is? How does it change your business game? 

So PPC experts tell us the fundamental of PPC and how it works. By knowing about PPC marketing, you can launch a profitable marketing campaign. To know more, keep reading.

What is PPC?

It is a paid search modal that helps to improve your brand strength. With the help of PPC, brand awareness increase, and your brand reach out to more audience. 

It promotes the brand offers, and this way, people get to know about the brand. In simple words, PPC is a paid adverting modal that helps you to get a wider audience. 

People mostly think that PPC only works in google but let us tell you that PPC is not limited to Google. Its works on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as well. 

PPC allows a brand to place brand ads on the social platform to reach to there idea customers. Whenever you see any ads on the internet, it is PPC. Hope now you get our point. 

Types of Different PPC?

We discuss PPC and how it works. Now there are different types of PPC marketing campaigns. You can use any of the PPC campaigns according to your target audience. Let’s discuss them.


Search Ads

It is one of the most common paid search marketing. Search ads mostly appear to those people who are already searching for your brand. They are looking for your brand offer and advertisement. Search ads are good for a short time campaign and short sales cycles. So if you are looking for new customers, search ads can benefit you. Search ads can get you, high-quality clients.


Display Ads

Display ads are a powerful way to promote your brand. According to reports, display ads reach 90% of the audience. This type of ad mostly appears on google partner websites, or those people feed who search-related websites. Display ads use a lot of photos and text so that people pay attention to these ads. They give a clear call to action.

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Social Ads

If you want to grow your business quickly, social media ads can help you. As the name suggests, social media ads appear on people's social feeds. They target people by their interest. Social ads are best for brands with a strong social media presence. This way, they target those who are interested in your business or product.


Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is the best way to reach out to your potential customer. You can double your business by using remarketing ads. Remarketing ad retarget the people who have visited your website. So to keep them remembering your brand name, remarketing ads work. If we compare remarketing ads to another ad, then they have the highest converting rate. Also, remarketing ads are cheaper than other ads.


Google Shopping Ads

A website with many products is good for this type of ad. Google shopping ads appear beside the google search engine. They have the highest conversion rate. These ads give people to experience of your website. And once the customer checks out your website, there is more chance to turn the customer into your ideal buyer.

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In-stream Ads

Also called youtube ads, in-stream ads appear in your youtube search result. Youtube ads give exposure to your brand because youtube is the most-watched online video streaming platform. Youtube ads present your brand in a very good way. They make your brand memorable. In recent times Facebook has also started in-stream ads.


Gmail Sponsored Promotions

If you want to get a direct lead, then Gmail-sponsored promotions are perfect for you. You can reach out to your potential customer through your inbox. GSP also offers you a click to call where your customer can directly call you. This way, the customer can become your ideal customer. So if you want to generate new customers, then try GSP.


Local Services Ads

Local service ads offer you pay per lead. This means you don't have to pay per click. You have to pay when the click turns into a lead. The area of local service is limited. Only HVAC companies, locksmiths, electricians, plumbers apply in this plan. So choose these ads to convert leads.

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Amazon PPC Ads

Nowadays, Amazon PPC ads are increasing. Amazon PPC ads allow you to promote your brand by placing your brand ads in platform key locations. Your brand visibility will grow in amazon by using these ads. You can boost your brand with the help of amazon advertising. If you are an Amazon seller, then you can place these ads.


Here we talk about PPC marketing and the way of work of PPC marketing. Then we discuss the different types of PPC marketing. You can use these above-given PPC ads to grow your business.